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COFOR is a patented structural stay-in-place formwork system to build load bearing walls.

CCOFFOR is composed of two filtering grids made of rib lath reinforced by vertical stiffeners. The grids are connected by articulated rebar loops that fold for cost effective transport. The volume used by COFFOR is 7 times less than the equivalence in bricks, concrete blocks or Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).

After COFFOR is placed, concrete is poured inside. Excess water is eliminated by gravity through the grids. The fluid concrete becomes semi-solid decreasing pressure against the grids.

COFFOR remains in the construction to reinforce it after the concrete is poured.

COFFOR is very light: less than 11kg/m2 (2.25 lb/sq ft). A standard panel 1.22m x 2.70m (4' x 9') weighs 35kg (77lbs). COFFOR can easily be carried by 1 or 2 workers.

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